Monday, December 14, 2009


When was the last time you came out of a multiplex feeling AWESOME, with a silly grin or atleast a wide smile on your face, feeling completely satisfied with the 200 bucks you shelled out?

It happened to me today...and its a really nice feeling that I've had rarely and it keeps getting rarer and rarer (With the exceptions of Wake Up Sid, Ice Age 3, Taare Zameen Par and BOMMARILLU before that!) I miss it. Everytime I come out, I feel pretty disgusted at the 100/200 that has gone down the drain and I really resent the multiplex culture that seems to propagate mediocrity. I mean, the multiplexes are supposedly here to give space to 'new' cinema, but I've mostly seen practically empty theatres playing crappy to so-so movies whose entertainment value ranges from severe headaches to half-hearted laughs. They hardly make you think, they are nowhere close to the movie-goer's reality and WORST OF ALL, they insult the audience's intelligence.

So when a movie comes out that is good, it becomes one's duty to praise it to high heavens!! I already have serious regrets that I did not do that for WAKE UP SID on my blog (It was like a second Bommarillu for me...those of you who know what that means!)

So this movie...I kinda liked the way it started...the quaint old-homey-images-from-childhood-simple-homes kinda pictures they showed while the titles appeared, the regular oooooooh-thatz-what-my-home-looks-like-too setting and the everyday guy who has a tiff with his rich-fart friend.....things that we all can relate to. I am not going to give away the plot or even a bit of the story. I'd really like you all to watch it, coz it really is worth it. I'm not giving a rating of 10/10 like for WAKE UP SID of course...coz therez not many drool-worthy guys who make you come out grinning like a maniac from the theatre, but there definitely is something. Its different, its honest and its got a solid, realistic message...AND, its a must- watch for the young corporate employee. It covers everything...even how women are sometimes treated in the still-mostly-male-dominated corporate world, esply at office parties. The best part is that its all done quite sublty, simply and yet the message comes thru strong and clear!
Now that thatz all said, I will admit that I'm beginning to have a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE crush on Ranbir after this. 2 good movies in a span of 3 months...I'm definitely impressed :D And now, I must ROCKET off to sleep and dream about Sid(du)!


  1. Thanks for the review. Will definitely watch it then. And nice to see that Ranbir is delivering good movies. He was not really considered a force to reckon with when he started out. His roles kinda remind me of Saif when he was new to the industry. Hope he doesn't get typecast.

    BTW, you forgot about a movie that ran to an almost empty theatre but made us both laugh and fell satisfied. Remember? :)

  2. could i forget!! "HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PPL!"" AWESOME movie...AND Hangover!! SHIT...but see...the 'good movies' list is almost more than half Hollywood!

  3. Hope you don't mind if i crap around a while..

    Ranbhir Kapoor surely is making a comeback...after Wake up Sid i decided that i wudnt watch his movies at all..look at him..a lil kidddoo...i felt it was the pakau kinda movies...yes a headache..but i had to go and watch it(no other choice since i was in the committed zone)..well here comes "APKGK"! some entertainer tha rightly teases the people who use their brain in these movies..but had a bountiful laff all thro out..njoyed the movie so did the junta arnd..clapping and chanting n ofcourse hooooting..

    Rocket Singh..lovely ad propoganda..js waiting to see it..

  4. Ohmigod, who is this?? You actually liked APKGK and did not like WAKE UP SID?? Then, I'm not sure we agree and neither am I sure u'll like Rocket Singh!! And I'd really like to know WHO YOU ARE!!!

  5. nene le..mana views epdu kalavavu...single childs kada!!