Friday, November 26, 2010

bad girl

brows rise, sly eyes dog
jaunting away she revels
thrill of a broken rule

Friday, November 12, 2010

My God!

We humans, in our utter cluelessness of why the universe exists, and full of our zeal to find answers, are forced to turn either to science or God. I am not going to concern myself with those who believe in science as the be all and end all of universe. They have a luxury in the belief that, eventually, the answers are coming. I am also not going to concern myself with all those whose versions of God came down from their religions, communities, ancestors or what have you. They have a ready-made manual for life. If anything, I suppose, I should envy them.

I belong in the middle category, with those who cannot make up their mind. The politically correct name for our kind is “agnostic” and I would prefer not to go into any other labels, thank you very much. The one advantage of starting out in this category is that you can customize your God. Your God can be male, female, white, black, yellow, brown, short with long hair, tall with a white beard, floating on clouds or hanging around in cemeteries…Oh! the choices are unlimited. It is infinitely better than creating your avatar on Second Life. And the best part? You can keep upgrading your God at your will.

I’ve tried several ideas, borrowed from various sources and remodeled and upgraded my God over the years. I found my current God in a free e-book called God’s Debris by Scott Adams. Like the God of many others, this One is also omniscient. What I like about Him, however, is that He seems like an extension of a human, almost like a God-next-door. His omniscience proves to be his fatal(?) flaw. Since he already knows everything, he suffers from boredom, much like many of our frustrated-intellectual-turned-terrorists, and blows himself/the universe up. This is what we know as the Big Bang. However, being God, there seems to be no point in annihilating Himself. As the title “God’s Debris” suggests, God now exists in and as all his fragments which make up the universe. This again, is not a new concept. What is unique about it, though, is that it exonerates fat people. They, obviously, have more God in them.

Another fascinating theory presented in the book that compelled me to personalize its God was its reason behind the Internet. According to God’s Debris, God is trying to reconnect all his blown up parts “through the formation of a collective intelligence,” meaning, us humans. I’d like to think of us as God’s brain. I mean, it’s almost as if we had to come up with the Internet, which works very much like the neural connections in our brains.

This idea also appeals to the agnostic in me because it lets me continue as one. This is an amazing combination of both spirituality and science that perfectly explains the direction life on earth seems to be taking, what with the Blackberrys, Smartphones and iPads. All these are made possible only by the invention of the Internet and they make it quite easy to believe that one day, advanced versions of these could connect the entire universe.

In short, My God fits in nicely with science as well as spirituality. He manages to retain His position of being larger than life and beyond even science. He is the biggest thing we know – the Universe.

Oh yea...all youse asking 'Why?'...Well, hez just a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig, booooooored lonely guy :P