Friday, January 8, 2010

Wildfire in AP

Disclaimer: This is purely MY very very objective exploration of MY conjectures. It is NOT my intent to proliferate any rumours that might aggravate any situation.

Just as the Telangana issue seems to be cooling down in the state, a new issue has suddenly cropped up. TV 5/TV 9 and other 'local' news channels have started reporting news from a suspect source (A Russian magazine 'The Exile(d)) that the Ambani brothers are behind YSR's death, which was in actuality, not an accident but a pre-meditated murder. Rumours are flying about that the pilot of the helicopter was bribed or his family was bribed or something...

Incidentally, believe it or not, I was discussing a theory with a few people before this news came out...and I'm quite convinced that YSR's death wasnt an accident. Only, one of the ppl I was discussing this with said..."You actually believe that somebody bribed the pilot and convinced him to COMMIT SUICIDE?"...I was, of course, speechless and mortified. But it COULD happen, right? Maybe I've been watching too many conspiracy movies...but YSR's sudden death DID seem very OUT OF THE BLUE...yea, u skeptics might ask say..."It was an accident, for heaven's sake!"...and I have no answer to it a hunch or a woman's intuition or what have u....but do you remember the coverage? It was quite vague...and a minor glitch turned overnight into a tragedy for the state. YSR was supposedly just stranded somewhere...and the next minute, we find out that hez dead!

Then, the making of a martyr begins...blah blah...tussle for CMship between Rosayya and Jagan...and once thatz settled...our noseman, KCR starts fasting...and voila! Fuck up at the centre and the state starts burning. I donno how many of you noticed this, but everything happened quite suddenly in a span of 3 after the other. I havent looked it up, but I heard from loadsa other ppl that KCR did try the fasting trick earlier and no one really bothered...WHY NOW? And a looooooooot of resigning and party-badlofying by all those ministers...jokes about Naidu and KCR NOT expecting an okay from the centre...criticism against Sonia and Chidambaram for being too hasty...and after all this hullabulloo....and now, strong signs of a 'NO' to Telangana from the centre!

And just as that was about to START cooling down, MAYBE....THIS! More property damage and a call for a bandh 2moro. Demands to know about the black box in the chopper...or the voice recording...apparently YSR and pilot in a verbal tussle before death...more rumours and hype. The supposed 'public' (read paid goons) resort to violence and an already volatile situation flares up even more. I'm sure 2moro's news will be full of refutations from the Ambanis...and then, some fart will call for a probe in the state...coz obviously somebody from the state was involved. All the big shots will be implied...I can only think of KCR, Naidu and OBVIOUSLY Jagan himself (my gawd, the sympathy right now could easily win him the CMship). Then, the real mystery will never unfold but fact upon fabricated fact will sensationalize the news even more...and eventually it'll die down...there might be a split and there might be a new CM...or not...but one things for SURE! It'll take the state AGES to recover. Before 2day's new addition, the state has already incurred a loss of 3000+ crores...or so I heard. Hyd is the worst hit, with MNCs and potential foreign investors taking their business elsewhere.

And ultimately, even if the Ambanis are really implicated in the issue...they are definitely going scot free...and once things have calmed down, they'll cover up the losses incurred in the state. The ones who are going to suffer, again, are the common people. Mostly, the lower-end workers in reliance establishments and to a slightly lesser extent, other reliance employees.

Ironically, it is the students who suffer the most in all this. Hotblooded, yes...but that doesnt have to make us stupid. These are all games played by bigshots to mint money...and we, who depend on jobs for our daily bread can hardly afford police records. Wake up, dammit...and please stop ruining public property!!!


  1. damn woman, u shld hav ur own news channel or atleast a daily talk show!!!..........this what everyone of the sensible ppl wants to shout!!.................HEAR LOUD AND CLEAR U MISCREANTS!!!

  2. Ha! thanx...I guess...again...WHO IS THIS?

  3. doooooooooood, its ME!!

  4. Su? Why am I reduced to play this guessing game on my own blog!!!

  5. Sheeja: A real good one. Any sensible person would feel that there is something fishy in the whole business. And you did a real good job pf putting it down in one of the best possible ways.

    Isn't it sad that it is the wrong people who get to suffer all the time??

  6. Thank you Sheeja. And yes, I'm really frustoo that students are such a major part of all these political dramas. They are the onez whoz doing all the real 'agitating'!! I mean, these guys r EDUCATED..and they're supposed to KNOW the ballgame. I just dont get it!

  7. young blood kada...nyayam kavali kshanalalo..

  8. i have a point here may be a long shot but hear it out....

    cm dead sympathy for his son and possible cm to be next!!!
    after his death with in a short period "leader" came out with the near same scenario!! a movie atleast takes 3-4 months to complete but just after the death of the cm it has been released and that creepy resemblance is too hard to not notice!!! cm(suman) dies and son(rana)is going for cm post!! isnt it just too much to be a coincedence

  9. ^^
    what i am saying is i think the movie ppl might know that beforehand that the cm may die or the ppl who killed him might have made the movie just as a additional to cash on the news

  10. I LOVE this theory...u think ppl knew? R u saying Jagan killed the dood?? far-fetched as it is, conspiracy theories are fun. If it is Jagan tho, today is a bad bad day for him...lolz...anywayz...I think its a longshot, but wat the hell...its interesting...and the classic tale of son killing father for the throne.