Monday, December 28, 2009

Feedback time!

Okay...its officially been 2 weeks since I blogged last. And if I'm to keep up my 200 blogs for next year, I shud've posted 6 more so far...and I know I'm behind schedule. But actually, I have been working on some. Only I thought I should get my blog layout right first.

A couple of you told me that my blog is not very reader-friendly...coz of the black background and the font and all that. However, I think the template itself is soooooo me...I couldnt change it. So, I played with a coupla fonts and sizes and bugged a friend to help me with the CSS and...VOILA!...herez the "new and improved" I at my lone roof! However, I'm still not sure if this is any more readable. I read somewhere that a yellowish font color is easier to read over a black background. You be the judge of that. Also, I wud prefer to go with a sans-serif font...something taht is neither too serious nor too close to 'Comic Sans MS', coz my posts could swing either way and be anywhere in between. So all my design and techie friends...plz gimme advice!! For once, I am willing to not be condescending and listen! :D


  1. Choice of font is fine but I think the golden colour is a bit glaring. I actually preferred the white :)

  2. try a subtle backgrd and a better font! times new roman is simple and nice. blk bkgrd pekey..

  3. Black background matram maaradu...its the moon on a dark night...inko maata cheppu :) Thanx tho...for the pains you are taking to read my blog :P