Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nature Haikus

A little laughter
Tons of tender touching times
Love lights our lives

Timidly she comes
Trampling the bitter winter
Bringing joy and life

Twinkling in the night
Seem to be so close by
Deceivers that shine

Tufts of floating air
White in sunshine gray in storms
Their tears kiss the Earth

Dripping drop by drop
It drains my drive to survive
Drowning me in death

All alone in life
Thoughts screaming for someone
I await my death

Fair in the dark night
With scars on my face I see
Beauty and evil

Alluring the moth
The hot evil flame dances
Like a pretty wench

Chilly and trembling
As fall sets in like old age
The leaves bid good-bye

Drives away the light
Druggin us with its darkness
Creeping silently

Pricking my gnarled hands
Like broken splinters of glass
I carry my dreams

Older than land
Deeper than a woman's heart
Strange secrets she holds

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Guys

With all the male bashing going on off late, doled out in plenty by yours truly as well, I figured I'd also put this out there to all the wonderful men in my life...and also those who've sadly left it.

Thank you!

  • For being such goofs
  • For being my booze buddies
  • For educating me about fun, the guy way
  • For missing me
  • For the midnight chats
  • For letting me tag along in my tomboy days
  • For making me laugh when I really needed to
  • For the pep talks that only a boy can give
  • For telling me I look good
  • For offering to fight guys off and protect me
  • For offering to send goons to beat up the guy who hurt me
  • For bringing me feminist literature
  • For arranging my bookshelf
  • For waking me up with a cup of hot chocolate
  • For buying me chocolate
  • For making me breakfast
  • For washing my dishes
  • For lending a shoulder to cry on
  • For taking all the bullshit I sent your way
  • For putting up with my fickleness and drama
  • For not being annoyed when I turned up late or cancelled plans
  • For my perfect first date
  • For finally letting me bat after endless days of fielding
  • For the thrilling bike rides, midnight walks, and treks
  • For holding my hand when I was scared shitless
  • For walking between me and the road
  • For the cherished trinkets and gifts
  • For introducing me to amazing food
  • For making me a totally delish meal
  • For looking so damn good in torn jeans and an old T-shirt
  • For the just-off-the-bed hair and bedroom eyes
  • For your passionate nerdiness
  • For smelling soooooooo good
  • For the PJs sooo lame they actually made me laugh
  • For the tough love
  • For not sugar coating
  • And most importantly, for all the lessons