Monday, May 11, 2009

DISCLAIMER: This is gonna be another random one(A...

DISCLAIMER: This is gonna be another random one(And I mean, RANDOM...havent slept in 36 hrs) fore-warned. Also, please ignore the racial slander. Its purely for a lack of adequate vocabulary. And er…please don’t kill me, I am only trying to work off my high on lunch...

These days, I find myself extremely happy coz of certain decision(s) I have made. I still am not doing much implementing them, but soon...very very soon...things are to change. Okay, wat the hell, I'll be even more indiscreet that I usually am and just say it here...I QUIT!! GUYS, I job, I mean...:D :D :D :D...I KNOW i shud panic coz I'm not gonna have the usual income source to blow over insanely expensive, fattening food, but it feels good. And honestly, I still dont think I have a concrete idea of what I'm gonna do next except treat myself to some TIME at home and be 'there' for the 'rentals...but its AWESOME!! I know I'm supposed to do some serious soul-searching...which I prolly will get done too...but I think I'll be happy not having to walk in to office with a worse slouch that I EVER had in the last 22 years of my life.

But thatz not what this blog is gonna be about...that was just an announcement I had to make (I cant believe I just chekd the dictionary to make sure I spelt 'announcement' right! Btw, thatz what an editorial job does to you :( ) Annywayz, so, to celebrate this new milestone in my life, I vegged out in my stinky place...watching the ants devour a week-old-carcass of a cockroach. In between, I managed to finish watching 12 movies...mostly gangsta-stuf...watched the fast and furious movies and a coupla action/thriller flicks...and Godfather...

And I am seriously worried about the Indian representation. I mean, we are only the 2nd largest populated country in the world!! We are all over the goddam planet!! And as all desis in the US will proudly claim, we have infiltrated all professions...esply in the US...from gas-station workers to NASA...we are EVERYWHERE! But have you ever noticed that all these gangsta films have Italian mafia (duh!), perhaps not...anywayz, slit-eyed mafia, and of course a lot of Eastern-European, Russian and African/African-American mafia...but WHERE, pray tell, are the Indian mafia?? seriously man! I dont know if they really do exist in the US, but we need representation in HOLLYWOOD! I mean, come onnnnnnn....Oprah invites Aishwarya Rai on her show, Richard Gere kisses Shilpa but we dont have any Indian mafia presence in Hollywood?? This is such a shame to our country. I mean, we, as a nation, need to wake-up and do the world's eyes to show them that we have arrived!! This is a time, fellow country-men and country-girls, to show our mettle. It is go to the mattresses (its from the Godfather, it means 'to go to war') and fight to the death...for wat is rightfully ours. So, let us show the world what we are made of and fight...for equality, fraternity...and I forgot the other thing...sorry.


  1. Your blog will turn out to be a great example of "stream of consciousness" writing if you keep going this way. Had a lot of fun reading this post. It inspired me to translate a few lines of "Ae Ganpat" for the benefit of Hollywood. Here it goes:-

    Hey punk-ass, pass the whiskey,
    Hey punk-ass, pass the whiskey,
    Extra water and keep the soda low-key,
    And better clean up this table, it's stinky.

  2. Gawd, Gogs, that was just brilliant, as ever...looking forward to the performance :P

  3. We are already away on this mission..
    shabaash gogs!!
    waise on your thing reasoning on why we do'nt see Bollywood mafia rep in Hollywood is cz prolly they don't really feel the understated fear instilled by 'sarkaar' or maybe they are way to dense to understand what a 'khoka' means.. we shud nominate gogs as our rep 'em hollywood guys!
    Jk Sahi

  4. Oi, no posts or comments post-retirement????
    If retirement has put an end to brilliant brainwaves like this, please, please, go back and rejoin the editjob...

    Oldman and the Job

  5. No...not an end...just a very very extended hiatus :D Thanx for the reminder tho :)

  6. JO,

    Seriously.... The last part of the blog was really inspirational for me. Look what have you done. I wana go to U.S and start a mafia family now. ..we need a representation man... cummon.. cocaine, gold biscuit, weapons, money..... cummon..... oooooooooooooooooh!!!

  7. Dammit...who is this?? thanx a ton by the way!! :D always love getting compliments, of course...and am uber glad to have inspired u :P