Monday, February 16, 2009

25 random things about me!

Hehehe...just can't not do it anymore...:) So here goes:
  1. I am incredibly lazy. In fact, it shud be my middle name or something.
  2. My life is divided into 2 phases: Pre-US and Post-US....the during doesnt really exist. I spent all my Post-US life essentially yearning for my Pre-US life.
  3. Oh yea...I'm obese...and its such an issue with me that it has seeped into every aspect of my life. But I dont do anything to get rid of it.
  4. I believe I am a pretty good writer :D My one ticket to something meaningful, my one hope :)
  5. I havent really worked hard for anything in the last 8 years atleast, if not longer.
  6. I talk to myself...OUT LOUD! Some of the BESTEST conversations I've had are with ME ME ME ME!
  7. I can exist without knowing or bothering to know what is going on around in the world.
  8. Oooooooooh! this onez good. Back in my school days, I managed for an entire year without doing any homework or even classwork. I just didnt. Everyday, I would start on a fresh page, so the incompleteness of the earlier pages wouldn't show. I managed to score pretty darn good tho, that year...:) I shocked myself :D
  9. I havent grown any taller since I was 13...which was 10 years ago.
  10. At heart, I think I'm a total tomboy...always craving that just-one-more-adventure. I just dont want to grow up :D I'll prolly do pretty much any crazy thing for that high...of life! :)
  11. I am just learning to exist crush-less. Its boring but liberating(?).
  12. I took a whole year to learn cycling. I was beaten and threatened into learning it. I finally mastered it on my own, without any help because I was too incensed and had to prove a bloody point, dammit! I was 8-9 years old.
  13. I think I have a Catcher-complex. I am perpetually disillusioned and now I'm desperately trying to reverse-Catcher myself. Life has become insane.
  14. I am terribly scared of ghosts, lizards and all reptiles. Well, reptiles even more so, coz they repulse me. I leave the entire bathroom and squeeze myself into a corner almost daily when I'm bathing. I'm mortally afraid that the lizard will fall on my head.
  15. I have pending work from 6 years ago. 
  16. I havent said 'no' to temptation in the last 3 years.
  17. I like to eat my pizza slices crust first...from the back coz I believe the best should be saved for the last. 
  18. I want to live the hippie way for a while. 
  19. I was taught how to polish my nails by a boy. I still dont do a good job, but he really knew what he was doing :D
  20. I fed an egg to a pig of the grossest moments of my life.
  21. I'm partially deaf.
  22. I can sleep for 24, and even 48, hours straight. My one and only claim for fame so far :D
  23. There was a point when I was seriously considering becoming a detective...but then, I switched to hypnotism. Now I'm an editor.
  24. I need to groan out of pleasure if I'm eating something ambrosial. 
  25. I get periodic "hyper-energetic" possessions. At different phases in my life, I dealt with them differently. During teenage, I locked myself in my room and used to seriously mutilate my bed. In degree, I would put on music and walk the corridors of the hostel like a maniac. (I scared one of my friends so much that she didnt come near me for a month!) In PG, I would put on loud music and ride my bike (again, like a maniac) at 2 in the morning. Now, I just go to sleep.



  1. machaan..ure writing is killer da!
    love all of it..
    keep it rolling..please!
    oh yeah..and plz do talk of your retreats..aome day..
    they utmostly fascinate me!

  2. ok i dont this works..
    im not anonymous..
    J here! the previous comment..
    well..guess i will b anonymous till i learn how to figure it out!

  3. Hey J...thank you so much for the comments. I bet you can add a few more alphabets to your name, coz I know a coupla Js who claim to be following this blog...and well, as muddled as I can get, I might confuse you with me the distant future (God forbid, tho!)
    Problem with LiveJournal I guess is that its not as user-friendly as some of the, its better you leave your name in the comment box at the I'll know who you are....and oh retreats fascinate the heck out of me too...and of course...coming soon (or AGLA Program on public demand!) "MY RETREATS". :D And thank you for everything :D

  4. will be JJ ..if its ok?
    n imloving ur writing ..

  5. #12 is true for me tooo!! I wasn't threatened but I was nagged practically every time I was in sight... not that I let it bother me anyway, lol... but one fine day, It just happened :D


  6. well...the world just needs to realize that we need to take our own sweet time :)

  7. # 12 -- hahha...u & sri..ultimate combo...

    U have to fall down from a cycle, then get ur knee busted.. in order to master it..thats life...

  8. Lolz...yeap, its strange how many things in life work out that way.

    Btw, Manjuu (:P), this is a different Sri :P.