Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The subject is actually misleading. this is a random one, purely in an attempt to adhere to my vague convictions. Today's Bhogi. And of course, it wasnt any differnt from any other day.

I think the normality, monotony of life is suffocating. I bet my poor parents at home are feeling the same. The novelty of visiting their working daughter must've worn off in about 2 hrs, when they saw the hurriedly cleaned up mess. Some things just dont change.

Not to start on a depressing note tho, coz it was fun...like gud old times, when I play the pampered kid and they molly-coddle me. I really miss that. And the small things in life are the most beautiful. The fact that I try so hard to be my mom hasnt come between us recently and I'm so glad. I guess I've been hanging onto some teenage insecurities, but I dont think it really matters to me that I'm not like mom. Actually, I need to be me to mind those two kids.
Hehehe...its strange how roles always keep shifting. I wonder how it is so easy to read each other, done sooooo unconsciously, when we're happy...and suddenly, the signals are so hard to pick up when things go wrong. I suppose its the uncertainty of murky adulthood. However, I dont really know if I TRULY miss my black and white childhood...or for that matter, if it was really all that clear-cut. I've had heavy shades of grey from my earliest memories. I wonder tho...did the stains seep in from my grown-up reflections?


  1. DEEP...

    Jeezus... do you plan to make it public? or have you already done so?

    - Saint

  2. I dont know. I guess I will make it public when it I start writing not-so personal stuff. For now, its public enuf le:)