Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today I have to talk about something either silly...

Today I have to talk about something either silly or perverted...which have been my two predominant moods in the past two the depression...and I have been thinking about writing about how almost EVERY guy I see out on the road is scratching his balls...but perhaps thatz not a very apt topic for a public blog. So, I'll try and stay content with just mentioning it.

Annywayz, I've just been looking up Jabberwocky, the famous nonsense verse poem, for one of our books at work...but, of course, since the perverty mood still persists, unfortunately....I had to type in JabberCOCKY instead...and for those who are are currently feeling perverty...herez a version of the poem you might enjoy ;)

Now, just as I was trying to wash my brain off the perverty mood and switch to silliness, I glanced out my office window and I think I saw a huuuugee black, furry bandicoot slide vertically down the wall of the apartments was just for a second, but I SWEAR I saw a black furry thing. It COULD be batman trying to solve some domestic crisis and then escaping into his underground bat cave...only this guy is an animagus...I'm really taking too many liberties, arent I? mixing magic with super heroism...

oooooooooh...btw, I saw the picture of a really uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly dog today mornign as I was flipping thru the newspaper. The ironic thing is that its been a consecutive winner of some dog show for 3 years (even Internationally)...honestly I dont know what the criteria is to make it in these shows...if our Miss Indias and stuff are anything to go by...I'm correct in pointing out that its ugliness is ironic. Anyhoo..the funny part here is that, I was looking up the use of animals in African folktales for work...and I came across dogs...and of course, the morning revulsion reminds itself to my brain...which doesnt know how to store info, REALLY!! Of all the things to think of....and worst...I began to get obsessed about this ugly dog...and I HAAAAAAAAAAD to find pictures of it...I cudnt even recall if it was today's paper...coz i CUD have been looking at y'day edition and didnt even realize, coming back to the point (or lack thereof), I went over today's online edition of The Hindu about 50 times with no luck...asked a friend if he remembers seeing an ugly dog in today's paper...had him laff at me as well...(sigh)...was dragged off to lunch by my colleageus...subjected to a detailed description of the horrors of Hyderabad traffic and psychological traumas preventing us all from driving (I totally agree, tho...I'm shit scared of driving..) where was i??? oh yea...we finally came back from lunch...and I start my search afresh...and VOILA! there, on the ugliest dog....strangely, notice the way it regally, as if everyone else is just waiting to bow down before its majesty...jeez...ugly royalty

There ends one of my worst blogs...I really cant see anymore...

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