Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nature Haikus

A little laughter
Tons of tender touching times
Love lights our lives

Timidly she comes
Trampling the bitter winter
Bringing joy and life

Twinkling in the night
Seem to be so close by
Deceivers that shine

Tufts of floating air
White in sunshine gray in storms
Their tears kiss the Earth

Dripping drop by drop
It drains my drive to survive
Drowning me in death

All alone in life
Thoughts screaming for someone
I await my death

Fair in the dark night
With scars on my face I see
Beauty and evil

Alluring the moth
The hot evil flame dances
Like a pretty wench

Chilly and trembling
As fall sets in like old age
The leaves bid good-bye

Drives away the light
Druggin us with its darkness
Creeping silently

Pricking my gnarled hands
Like broken splinters of glass
I carry my dreams

Older than land
Deeper than a woman's heart
Strange secrets she holds

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Guys

With all the male bashing going on off late, doled out in plenty by yours truly as well, I figured I'd also put this out there to all the wonderful men in my life...and also those who've sadly left it.

Thank you!

  • For being such goofs
  • For being my booze buddies
  • For educating me about fun, the guy way
  • For missing me
  • For the midnight chats
  • For letting me tag along in my tomboy days
  • For making me laugh when I really needed to
  • For the pep talks that only a boy can give
  • For telling me I look good
  • For offering to fight guys off and protect me
  • For offering to send goons to beat up the guy who hurt me
  • For bringing me feminist literature
  • For arranging my bookshelf
  • For waking me up with a cup of hot chocolate
  • For buying me chocolate
  • For making me breakfast
  • For washing my dishes
  • For lending a shoulder to cry on
  • For taking all the bullshit I sent your way
  • For putting up with my fickleness and drama
  • For not being annoyed when I turned up late or cancelled plans
  • For my perfect first date
  • For finally letting me bat after endless days of fielding
  • For the thrilling bike rides, midnight walks, and treks
  • For holding my hand when I was scared shitless
  • For walking between me and the road
  • For the cherished trinkets and gifts
  • For introducing me to amazing food
  • For making me a totally delish meal
  • For looking so damn good in torn jeans and an old T-shirt
  • For the just-off-the-bed hair and bedroom eyes
  • For your passionate nerdiness
  • For smelling soooooooo good
  • For the PJs sooo lame they actually made me laugh
  • For the tough love
  • For not sugar coating
  • And most importantly, for all the lessons

Monday, November 28, 2011

Punctuating your emotions :P

So, in American English, will emoticons come before the end punctuation or after :~/? Are they part of the sentence? Are they sentences by themselves? :O Wait! Aren’t they like stage directions? Or would they be parenthetical elements?

I mean, something like this is a no-brainer:

When I asked him about it, all he pinged back was “Maybe :).”

This is easy only because the “chat” part is actually only a quote within a sentence. All you have to do is reproduce the original as is. But, what are the rules for writing the original?

If you had to say “Maybe :),” where would you punctuate it?

A. Maybe (:)).
B. Maybe :).
C. Maybe. :)
D. Maybe :)

Or should this not even be a part of your sentence when you chat? I guess this becomes moot when we compare chat with other written material. I mean, I’m sure neither Valmiki nor Homer used emoticons in their epics to convey sarcasm or anything else. But then again, those weren’t really live conversations either.

What do you say? Am I to just shut up and leave chat alone? Are you gonna pelt me for being the SS of the Grammar Police?
Is this one day going to find its way into an actual style guide? ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to really watch a scary movie...

If you're anything like me when it comes to scary movies, you'll know how tempting it is to watch a scary movie at 2 in the night although you know you are not going to sleep that night, and maybe even several nights that week. Here's what you should do:

  1. Well, since you are going to watch the movie anyway, you might as well find that one corner in the room from where you can see everything else in the room. Its a BAD BAD idea to have blind'll always keep looking back. 
  2. Watch the "story" bits, but when you know that the actual scary stuff is going to be played, channel surf! Make sure you watch the end, tho. Its only the resolution, although twist endings can mess you up. 
  3. Now, go to wikipedia and read up on the story and any references to the really interesting historical/mythological stuff.
  4. Finally, go sleep next to Mom! :)
  5. DO NOT EVER watch scary movies in theatres!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jo wonders

When is avoiding bullshit just common sense and when does it become "running away"?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Journey into the Interior

How long has it been since I had those delicious chills from an idea, from a turn of phrase? It happened again today, when I read a poem by Margaret Atwood.

Journey to the Interior
By Margaret Atwood

There are similarities
I notice: that the hills
which the eyes make flat as a wall, welded
together, open as I move
to let me through; become
endless as prairies; that the trees
grow spindly, have their roots
often in swamps; that this is a poor country;
that a cliff is not known
as rough except by hand, and is
therefore inaccessible. Mostly
that travel is not the easy going
from point to point, a dotted
line on a map, location
plotted on a square surface
but that I move surrounded by a tangle
of branches, a net of air and alternate
light and dark, at all times;
that there are no destinations apart from this.

There are differences
of course: the lack of reliable charts;
more important, the distraction of small details:
your shoe among the brambles under the chair
where it shouldn't be; lucent
white mushrooms and a paring knife
on the kitchen table; a sentence
crossing my path, sodden as a fallen log
I’m sure I passed yesterday
(have I been
walking in circles again?)

but mostly the danger:
many have been here, but only
some have returned safely.

A compass is useless; also
trying to take directions
from the movements of the sun,
which are erratic;
and words here are as pointless
as calling in a vacant wilderness.

Whatever I do I must
keep my head. I know
it is easier for me to lose my way
forever here, than in other landscapes

The specific line? “that there are no destinations apart from this.” When someone else’s words leap out at you and you have that bone deep sense of recognition? That’s what this line did to me. A vague dream that I’d forgotten came back to me in flickering pictures. An uneasy semi-horror-flick, semi-blurry-black-and-white image of a long-forgotten sensation superimposed on my deliberate denial….

I suppose its not particularly profound, but then, well, that’s why this is all so personal. I don’t remember when my “flight” began. I seem to lose myself in that Bermuda Triangle of an adolescence that I vaguely remember in my mind. This, of course, must be left mid-thought.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


OH why oh why did I smell the stale cups in the office pantry? It was like smelling a baby's breath 2 hours after its meal. Grooooooooooooooooooossssssssssss! (Some moron actually named a flower after baby's breath! Jeezus!)

Some impulses are just horrible. You dont know why you get 'em; you just do.
Like that time when I stepped right into the wet, squelchy mud despite everyone telling me to step onto the stone...
Or that time I fed a an egg to a huuuuuuuuuge stinky pig...and it just crunched the entire egg in its cavernous open mouth...
Oh oh! The smell of curd rice that's been in a shut box for a while...
And hearing the next door uncle retch loudly and obnoxiously into his sink early in the morning under the pretense of brushing his teeth, but you know he'z actually bulimic and he'z bringing out day before yesterday's half-digested utthappam.
Or vomit
or the aftertaste and aftersmell of vomit..
and the worst? Having to look at yesterday night's vomit in broad daylight, baking in the hot sun.

I do start my days on wonderful notes! I'm sure I brightened all ya'll's days, lunches and coffee-breaks! :D

Look at that floating grossness! Yumyuck!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Growing up? Overrated!

The past few weeks, I’ve lived a slightly different life. I’ve done things I’ve been longing to do for a while. I’ve met people and experienced things that I’ve been missing for a long time. It was a great high. I remember those highs. I learned quickly that they come, take you on a giddy pleasure trip and then drop you like a sack of potatoes. This time, though, I knew all the while that these few weeks were going to be just that…a fun time. They were not going to be a permanent fixture or even a relatively longish spell in my life. However, this “groundedness” came in real handy when the crash came. I’m pretty much the same. I am not bummed that it is over. A coupla years ago, I would’ve moaned for a MONTH, if not longer. I am back to my lazy, comfortable life. Ironically, I decided that I would come back.

I know what this is: I’m growing up. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be (at least not right this moment), but it definitely is not all that great. I do miss the wonder and the drama. Being calm and zen about shit is no fun at all. Nothing is a novelty now (I really hope I’m kidding myself, tho! :D). I hope you all are going through something similar. Say you are even if you are not! :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, even I have an OCD side.

I work with word documents a lot on account of being this really very important content-editor and essay evaluator. Yes, I have to work with very complicated software like MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad and MS Word. Did I mention MS Word?

So, I’ve come to notice a while ago that the way documents come to me can affect my mood a lot. Take justifying text, for example. I am quite obsessive about it. On opening a word doc, I almost automatically drag my mouse to the formatting tool bar, select all text and justify the fuck out of it. There! Finally, the jagged-line-edges on the right have become even. Now, onto the next task.

I hunt for serif fonts quite pointlessly, coz I know I’ve already fixed on one font…Garamond. I hate the Arial font family. Likewise, Times New Roman. To me, it’s quite ugly, actually. Fonts like Helvetica and Impact are anathema to me. UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! How aesthetically unattractive. How plain and boring, with lumpy shapes. I like Calibri, Cambria, Century Gothic, Palatino Linotype. Nice, compact, elegant.

Do you see the irony tho?
1. Me. OCDing about how a word doc looks even before I read it.
2. Liking the skinny fonts over the big, bold, simple, no-frills ones.

I wonder what this says about me. For those of you who know me, you KNOW I’m nowhere near either of that. Body image issues? For sure! But isn’t this taking it too far? I guess I’ll do the wondering on my own coz you definitely don’t need THAT image. I’ll just leave you with this:

Do our innermost hypocrites burst out in ridiculous absurdities like this?

PS: I've deliberately chosen a sans serif font here on my blog and yes, very very deliberately chose to leave my text unjustified. I'm rebelling against my own good-girl tendencies

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog crazy!

Ever since I started this blog, I've become a little extra-obsessive. I've added all kindsa "bling" to my blog, as one friend put it. I've cajoled and then threatened people to comment and follow it. I've done all but REALLY write. Thank you for putting up with me. I am really happy today coz I've got 14 followers (thanx Yamee!) and I got a hit from effin POLAND, yo! This is fun. Sorry for being soo nuts. I will grow out of it soon, but hopefully, not out of writing. :)

Wondering why I even bothered writing this "post"? Coz I'm just THAT happy and nuts today. :D