Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Guys

With all the male bashing going on off late, doled out in plenty by yours truly as well, I figured I'd also put this out there to all the wonderful men in my life...and also those who've sadly left it.

Thank you!

  • For being such goofs
  • For being my booze buddies
  • For educating me about fun, the guy way
  • For missing me
  • For the midnight chats
  • For letting me tag along in my tomboy days
  • For making me laugh when I really needed to
  • For the pep talks that only a boy can give
  • For telling me I look good
  • For offering to fight guys off and protect me
  • For offering to send goons to beat up the guy who hurt me
  • For bringing me feminist literature
  • For arranging my bookshelf
  • For waking me up with a cup of hot chocolate
  • For buying me chocolate
  • For making me breakfast
  • For washing my dishes
  • For lending a shoulder to cry on
  • For taking all the bullshit I sent your way
  • For putting up with my fickleness and drama
  • For not being annoyed when I turned up late or cancelled plans
  • For my perfect first date
  • For finally letting me bat after endless days of fielding
  • For the thrilling bike rides, midnight walks, and treks
  • For holding my hand when I was scared shitless
  • For walking between me and the road
  • For the cherished trinkets and gifts
  • For introducing me to amazing food
  • For making me a totally delish meal
  • For looking so damn good in torn jeans and an old T-shirt
  • For the just-off-the-bed hair and bedroom eyes
  • For your passionate nerdiness
  • For smelling soooooooo good
  • For the PJs sooo lame they actually made me laugh
  • For the tough love
  • For not sugar coating
  • And most importantly, for all the lessons

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