Friday, January 16, 2009


Thatz my life now...full of random meaninglessness...for some reason, I'm reminded of that MS Sathyu movie "kahan kahan se guzar gaye" I feel like the protagonist of that movie...he has everything that he needs...and doenst know wht to do with it. Meaningless angsts, changing lifestyles like clothes, trying on different cover up the lack of a truth and meaning that is him. I am essentially that. Long ago, I was 'grounded'...


  1. Which means you are flexible enough to not adhere to any set path. when we have(supposedly) everything(and how much is everything?) or everything we feel we need, and are required to do something with them, we essentially try to think what a sensible(?) person would do. What is logical and reasonable. This brings us to certain pre-defined paths falling under the rubric of "logic", "reason", "sense" etc. But let's forget all those for a while and think what we really WANT to do. That will lead us to a confusing, yet revealing maze where we try out a lot of things, make a lot of mistakes but ultimately reach a path which is our own. A unique one which defines us(maybe). So while meaningless(supposedly) meanderings can seem stupid, it's a way of discovering ourselves as well. Is that a bad thing?

    Good to see you getting back to writing :-) looking forward to it.

  2. Perhaps I should've titled this post 'MeaninglessnessES'...coz you are talking about a different meanlinglessness...and I'm talking about another. I think its perfectly okay to flit from one thing to another, in as random a way as one wishes. No issues. Explore away...the world is just waiting for you. Try new things, dont conform blindly and all that..YES, of course I agree with all that. But the meaninglessness I was talking about is like a foundation of your being. When you are not anchored somewhere, and here I mean a set of principles(for lack of a better word), you will just be a piece of trash being travelling at the whim of the wind as opposed to the seemingly random flutterings of a butterfly that, at the end, does arrive at its purpose.