Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Its almost been a year since I started this blog...and I've hardly written a handful...and I donno about you guys, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing and even re-reading my stuff :D (even the ones I was asked to remove :P:P:P)

I guess I'm just writing again today after such a long break coz I'm yet again trying to start something...and i absolutely have to write everyday...I JUST HAVE TO!! except maybe weekends..u know...it'll be like work...only funner!

For today, since I'm wayyyyyy behind my schedule as usual...I'm just gonna put down a few things I wud really really like to cross off my list next year :D Please feel free to add/share ur list.

But before we get to that, have u ever thot of how much fun it is cross somethign off ur list? I actually LOVE making tons of lists and the fun part is crossing things off them...esply with a bright red marker...i have loadsa lists...mostly things to do, but also, books to read, movies to watch, things to find out, things to look up...apparently I remind my friends of the guy from Dasvidania...which I am yet to watch..and its on my list..hehe..well..newayz, herez my list:
  1. Go to Goa
  2. Get a tattoo (3 preferably...but lets start small..eh?)
  3. Learn Marathi (intermediate level...good enuff for 1 year, right?)
  4. Lose 15 kgs (hahahahahahahahahah!)
  5. Visit my ABCD friend (before March)
  6. Visit my friend's wedding in April
  7. Check out Bangalore and Mysore (esply the palace)
  8. Have a solid meetup with my SJC bitchezz
  9. Learn playing da guitar
  10. Buy a cellphone
  11. Buy a laptop
  12. Visit a hillstation
  13. Visit a historical place full of byutiful ruins
  14. Write ATLEAST 200 blogs
  15. Write 3 short stories


  1. this is damn good jesse.i used to have one..top 10..to do this year until i got into a #%$#$#ng job..anyways..make sure u get em nailed..

  2. Thanx...I really hope to cross all of them off my list next year...wat was ur list? did u get thru some atleast?

  3. i was morally on a low when i purchased this book - the monk who sold his ferrari - inspired by Robin Sharma, i purchased another of this books - Megaliving - it is a small exercise on how to view life - so i listed my top 10 immediate goals, top 10 goals for 5 years and top 10 goals for 10 years....the moment the book was setting me on a pace with my life..i got a another job pumping in a lump some into my bank..all lost in the lust...i left the book..i think i got my immediate top 10 goals met but my long terms goals went haywire.

    i am sure your list i will take you where you want to go..it will accelerate your life but do not forget to review this list atleast moonthly..

  4. Yea...I will keep this in mind...I'm always making lists...but never really getting much done...I think I'll post one that I will see everyday in my room...that shud make a difference...even subconsciously! :)

  5. Glad to see you are blogging again.

  6. Thanx, but who is this?

  7. I could give you a hint.


  8. Nuvvaaa!! Abba...neninkevarooo ani chala excite ayipoya kada!! :P Newayz, thanx a bunch :) @ Harsha :P

  9. Im glad id be with you when you would be ticking atleast 2 things from the checklist

  10. Oh...you bet! I'm looking forward to them!