Monday, January 3, 2011

Superlative joys

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

Hope you all began your year on a wonderful, jubilant note. Mine was “nice.” I seem to be describing a lot of things in life like that nowadays. I might be running out of adjectives. I am almost tired of “great,” “cool” and “awesome” too. But those are still the ones that pop into my head and slide down to my tongue at those semi-interesting happy occasions in life.

You thinking of going abroad? Nice…or rather, NAAAAAAAAICE! which roughly translates into “Yay! Good for you. I’m moderately excited for you. I will actively listen for about 10 minutes and even ask you relevant questions, but after that I will tune out coz since it’s not immediately relevant to me; I don’t care a whole lot, really, except that if you are really close to me, I’m going to miss you tons…which really sux baaaaad.”

You are doing great at your job / found the most divine dress while shopping / you had an awesome time with your friends / your boyfriend is acting cutely retarded? AWESOME!!
And I really mean it. I really am happy for you. I understand the joy of actually wanting to wake up and go to the office. I know what having that is like and I know what NOT having that was like. I do get the shopping thing, now that I’ve maybe begun to discover the X chromosome in me. And yea…having had some amazing times with my friends, I know exactly how much that can make your day, week, month. The boyfriend thing is iffy, but well…yea, I can be happy for you, genuinely…as long as I’m allowed to be openly bitchy to your face as well. It’s just that there seems to be nothing I can say that can CONTRIBUTE. “AWESOME” is my vigorous verbal nod and sparkle-eye, wide grin with an occasional chuckle thrown in.

If the occasion is not as momentous, I sometimes use “Great,” although, recently, I’ve been using it exclusively to respond to “How u doings (not the Joey ones)/ How are you’s.” On more than one occasion, I’ve noticed that I veer away from the more subdued “good” and just type in “great,” while I’m oscillating between the two. Notice how we’ve all jumped up by one superlative since the MNCs. Good has become great and great—AWESOME! When we feel AWESOME, we need to get creative pronto, or resort to the violent-sounding happiness of THRILLED TO BITS or MIND (FUCKING) BLOWING or what have you.

Perhaps, this year, I must work on my adjectives. That is a GREAT resolution, don’t you think?


  1. and also how when you ask someone how they are, they'll say 'i'm good" (now) instead of "i'm fine" (couple of years ago). I always find that slightly in the line of blowing your own trumpet. "I'm good", "I'm great"... excuse me, I don't think you are all that great and how self-obsessed do you have to be to proclaim your self-perceived greatness? But i guess asking such an inane question obviously invites such an answer. I'm actually beginning to favour the confusing "whats up" or "wassup" along with its stupid answers of "sky", "sun" "stars" "ceiling" "moon" "fan"... tubelight?
    By the way, I had the most amazing lunch with my boyfriend today, and I know you think that's AWESOME!

  2. Good one.. Jo. New Year started with a slightly different tone of writing and it resembles that of Jonathan Lemkin's.

  3. @ Swati...yeap...totaly agree...and I actually do love "Wassup" comes almost involuntarily to me now. I mite accidentally "wassup" my boss in the morning one of these days, tho. Oh...good for u about the lunch...I wud add "amazing" to my list of stale adjectives...haha...this is sad!

    @ Manu...thank you soooooooooo much. Who is Jon Lemkin?? OOh..I just looked him up...thank you! Really, is this how he writes? I shud go watch the Lethal Weapon movies again.