Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lament of the Lost Identity

Today, I am lost and I mourn
For a part of me is shorn.
Fevered and Hacked, my virtual soul,
Fell victim to a random asshole,
Who, for a few (nay...980!!!) dollars,
(Yeah right! What a scholar!!)
Obliterated my apps, pix, tags, comments, my facebook HISTORY!!
All I am is a virtual shadow, illusory,
With nothing left but a hollow shell
Of a Linkedin page, reducing me to 'Personnel',
With no persona, save for a few stale Tweets.
Save YOURSELF, ye un-hacked identities!
Beware of PDM KeyLogger, the deadly disease
That will, from you, your secrets tease.


  1. you r natural with words!! - sneha

  2. Jo, I share your anger and sadness. This is a loss, indeed. We should find these buggers and give them nice shit to learn from. I just hope that all the other accounts of our friends and family are safe from these net pirates.

    - manu

  3. Finally a blog post. Loved the poem and appreciate the way you desccribed your ordeal :) How did you get the info about how much money they get from hacking etc? If you have looked all this up online, please share. I looked up the PDM keylogger. Did it get automatically installed or you unknowingly approved the installation?

  4. That poem was simply too good... expressed your mood too well - sheeja

  5. Best part: being reduced to personnel. I think the heirarchy of social networking sites is hilarious.

    Only on LinkedIn--you might as well have no personality at all.

    Facebook: the meat and soul of online existence--life, pictures, connection.

    Twitter: Makes you wish other people didn't think they had a personality.

    Hilarious poem, Lady J.


  6. On the positive side..he s/he hacked your account becauee of sheer popularity you have!
    PS: Just tryin to pacify you. Let the hacker the bitch, fall into a ditch and break his spine!

  7. Nice thoughts..i liked your poem..

  8. thank you....and who would you be?